Here at the Forecast we believe in having fun. More importantly, we study gaming mechanics and human behavior. Humans are so immersed in gaming, we rarely even see that we are. Even large “serious” systems with profound implications have gaming mechanics hidden within them. Our political system is just one example – two major league teams, rules, referees, a contest and a victor. Most major systems have hidden gaming elements built into them because humans naturally respond to novelty and reward. The trick is learning to decode them so we can identify the elements when we see them, and also use them thoughtfully and ethically to encourage positive behaviors.

We will be posting articles and actual games you can use in your association to help create community, increase engagement and have some fun along the way while you are achieving important objectives. In the meantime, here is a link to a book Willis Turner, CAE and I wrote to help you with your own gaming initiatives and some additional resources for to use in your own learning journey. If you are using a gaming mechanic you think is particularly effective in your association, I would love to hear about it and if you would like me to come help your board do some gaming I can do that too!


Our Book – 42 Rules for Engaging Members Through Gamification

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