Here at the Forecast we believe working with established as well as incoming generations is key to ensuring our association systems remain vibrant over time. Although we do believe there is a sociological case to be made for how generational identity is formed based on shared experiences within the co-horts, (Generation Xer here), we also believe life-cycle has a lot to do with how young professionals are perceived in the workplace and, by extension, associations themselves. In other words, understanding and exploring certain shared outlooks is helpful – stereotyping is not.

We will spend time blogging about issues important to multiple generations. We will also do our best to highlight societal, economic and workforce concerns of each major co-hort. Yes, there is data to share about millennials and how they are influencing the workplace. However, we think its important to keep these shifts in context and not to lose sight of the successive generations that are already knocking on the door. By focusing only the specific co-horts themselves, we sacrifice a more holistic approach. We would like to see a conversation focused on integration.

In terms of work specifically aimed at incoming professionals, we strive to create retreat experiences that focus on three outcomes. The first is helping young professionals develop a better understanding of large societal forces in technology, etc., that are poised to impact industries and professions of all types on the mid-range horizon. The second is developing key questions associations would like younger members to delve into whether that be about the association experience, the future of the industry or profession, or both. The third is exploring ideas around how we can hit the ground running, learn to accept ourselves and reach higher levels of performance sooner rather than later.

Based on our collaborative explorations and findings, we can then assist in developing ideas on how to better integrate incoming professionals into your association, industry or profession.


Associations, Generation Y and Millennials: What You Need to Know About Your Next Generation Members


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