July 12, 2016


Welcome to the Association Forecast!

We stand together as an association community at a unique moment in history. What we have thought of as “disruption” over the past few decades has only been the training ground for the nascent transformation preparing to break over us. It is difficult to put such kinds of exponential changes into context, but we owe it to each other, our associations and ourselves to try.

Here at the Association Forecast, we don’t have all of the answers. Nevertheless I, and those with whom I work, are dedicated to collaborating with the association community as a way to collectively increase our understanding, improve our adaptive skills and learn to apply a new ethos into our daily lives. The metamorphosis is not going to be easy, but nothing worthwhile ever is. The Association Forecast takes its role of “digital town crier” seriously although even disciplined future forecasting is an inexact science. The Forecast makes every attempt to glean information from reputable resources and then put the “association spin” on it.

I like to say the Association Forecast stands at the intersection of technology, the education-to-employment system and the association of the future. One of the reasons for the focus on “intersections” is because more and more of us are coming to see the systems we are surrounded by as intimately connected. What affects one, affects others. This is true in an organizatonal sense, but also in a human sense. Believing we are somehow separate from the planet, from our organizations and from each other is an ethos for another time. Advances in technology will at some point cause an existential crisis regarding the value and worth of humanity itself, not just the “association model.”

In that moment, I believe we will be glad we took the time to prepare ourselves, our families, our groups and the people we work with to answer the most important questions of all, ‘Why are we here?” and, “What then shall we do to make things better?”

Come along with us as we take a ride in the disruptionmobile. We are going on an interesting, sometimes maybe even entertaining, trip :).

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